• Solo Exhibition

    Dip In My Daydream

    65GRAND, Chicago
    January 25 - February 23, 2019
    Opening reception January 25, 6-9pm

  • Group Exhibition

    Structures Manifest
    Kearra Amaya Gopee,Eli Gold, Eduardo Restrepo Castano and Anne Yafi
    Curated by Adia Sykes

    ACRE Projects Gallery, Chicago
    August 3 - August 31, 2018
    Opening reception August 3, 6-9pm

  • Exhibitions

    There's Nothing Natural About This
    In collaboration with Christalena Hughmanick

    Wedge Projects, Chicago
    February 3 -16, 2018
    Opening Reception February 3, 6-9pm

    The site specific installation work There’s Nothing Natural About This by Chicago artists Anne Yafi and Christalena Hughmanick looks at the spacial and temporal relationships between nature, architecture, the body and ownership of space. Yafi’s three-dimensional grid drawing makes subtle attempts in subverting its art historical origin through her use of a tactile craft material (pipe cleaners) and the intuitive application of color, while rejecting a narrative or sequential reading of any kind. Hughmanick’s quilted components take aesthetic cues from the ancient Roman architecture of Aquincum, using its slow deterioration over the past 2000 years to consider the relationship between human building and nature. Material choices reinterpret ancient building material and the level of function presented in the resulting works aims only to be graphic.

    SYNKHRA Library
    Group Show, Artist & Curator, Coley Mixon

    Specialist Gallery, Seattle
    Opening reception January 4, 5-9pm

  • Artist Residence

    ACRE, Chicago
    Steuben, WI,
    Summer 2017

  • Solo Exhibition

    Solo Exhibition

    Does it Feel Delicious

    Kruger Gallery Chicago, Chicago
    April 20 - June 24, 2017
    Opening reception April 20, 6-8pm

    Anne Yafi’s multi-media work exists at the intersection of drawing, painting and sculpture, creating playful works that combine traditional mediums with found materials. Color relationships play a key role in guiding Yafi’s choices with these elements. Op and Pop Art are art historical touchstones, as are the color palettes and aesthetics of Scandinavian Modern design, which Yafi recalls being immersed in during her childhood years. This visual sensibility influences her use of line, pattern and color, as well as informing the restraint that tempers these elements.

    Does It Feel Delicious will present new paintings on panel and canvas alongside three-dimensional works constructed from pipe cleaners. The panel paintings are process-based, beginning with the use of gesso as a textural medium, “creating a topography that would determine, but more importantly - invite a tactile response i.e. mark making. The repetition of painted lines and other markings are a documentation of that process and therefore the primary determining factor in the creation of imagery.” The resulting works exhibit a sensory interplay of color, surface and form, functioning simultaneously as image and object.

    The pipe cleaner works see Yafi extend a painterly approach to this unconventional material, working intuitively with line and color in three dimensional space whilst exploiting the contradictory qualities of the material. As she explains, “[Pipe cleaners] are exceptionally lightweight and tactically inviting, yet withstand gravity and provide a hidden strength and functionality that belies their appearance.”

  • Solo Exhibition

    Solo Exhibition

    No Illusions - New Work, Anne Yafi

    Autotelic Studios, Chicago
    August 26 - September 12, 2016
    Opening reception August 26, 7-10pm

  • Solo Exhibition

    Solo Exhibition

    Anne Yafi, Fresh Work

    Free Range Gallery, Chicago
    January 15 - February 5, 2016
    Opening reception January 15, 7-9pm

  • Group Exhibition

    Art Expo Chicago
    School of the Art Institute Chicago
    Curator Kori Newkirk
    Navy Pier, September 18 - 20, 2015